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College Football Scores Enter Bizarro World As Kansas Wins, Mizzou Loses

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We're in bizarro world as Kansas wins and Mizzou loses. That's not the way we thought this weekend would go.

Well, this is a little unusual. A normal Sunday morning for me involves talking about the Kansas Jayhawks looked miserable while the Missouri Tigers took care of business. That's not the case this Sunday as we're talking about a big time KU comeback and a Mizzou loss.

Colorado Buffaloes 45 Kansas Jayhawks 52

The Jayhawks were down 45-17 at the beginning of the fourth quarter. I'll admit. At that point I turned off the radio and quit following the game on ESPN's GameTracker. It was over, I figured.


Kansas went on an incredible run scoring five fourth quarter touchdowns for the comeback victory. It wasn't without drama for KU, though, as Colorado drove to the eight yard line with seconds remaining. QB Cody Hawkins incomplete pass ended the game and completed KU's insane comeback.

For once, Kansas is the talk of the town.

Missouri Tigers 17 Texas Tech Red Raiders 24

Wow. This one was a heart breaker. Mizzou got up a 14-0 lead early with a 69-yard and 71-yard touchdown runs in the first quarter. Much like the KU game, I figured this one was over.

Again, I was wrong.

Mizzou would score just one more field goal after building that 14-0 lead. Texas Tech scored three consecutive touchdowns to take a third quarter lead and never let up ending the game at 24-17.

For Mizzou, it ends all BCS conversations and likely ends the Big 12 North race. Very disappointing win for Mizzou.