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Kansas Jayhawks Still Waiting On Josh Selby

Kansas basketball coach Bill Self talked this week about the Jayhawks' upcoming regular-season opener and where the team stands less than a week before the 2010 season starts. Self also talked about who won't be there for the regular season opener: Josh Selby.

Self, as he did last week, doesn't expect the NCAA to clear Selby by the opener.

I would be surprised. I wouldn't be shocked but I would be surprised if anything on Josh is officially determined by Friday so we'll definitely keep him out until then.

As for how Selby is handling it, Self says he's obviously frustrated but also doing great.

He's great. I talked to him for a while yesterday. In my opinion, he's great but very, very frustrated. I say, 'Josh, you're not playing very good.' And he says, 'Coach that's because my head's messed up.' And it is because he doesn't know. It's the unknown. When there's a resolution to it he'll be more comfortable immediately. He's been good. His attitude has been good. He's frustrating to him -- it's not like a redshirt or injury where you know you're out -- he's kind of day to day figuring out what's going on. He'll be happy when it's behind him but he's handling it very well.