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Collapse In Kansas So Bad, Colorado Fires Head Coach Dan Hawkins

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This is what happens when you lose to the Kansas Jayhawks in embarrassing fashion.

For three quarters last Saturday, Colorado was controlling the Jayhawks on the football field and stood at the beginning of the final quarter with a commanding 45-17 lead.

Many of you know what happened next. The Jayhawks come out of nowhere, go on an incredible 35-point run and beat the Buffaloes, 52-45. Incredible. Unreal. And for Colorado, embarrassing. That got Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins canned earlier than planned.

CU Athletic Director Mike Bohn had reportedly planned to wait until after the season ended to terminate Hawkins, but the collapse in Kansas forced his hand. He told Hawkins on Monday that he was fired, effective immediately.

What else can you do after a loss like that? Hawkins' firing keeps the heat off of Bohn if only for a short time.

The lesson here is don't give up 35 fourth quarter points to the Quinn Mecham-led Jayhawks. If you don't do that, your job will be safe.