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Josh Selby Debut For Kansas Jayhawks Less Than A Week Away

The Josh Selby debut is less than a week away as the Jayhawks prepare to play USC on Saturday.

Josh Selby's debut is coming very soon now. If you were looking at the Kansas Jayhawks basketball schedule, you'd see it's the next game off. KU basketball has this entire week off until heading back to Allen Fieldhouse to host the USC Trojans on Saturday, Dec. 18, at 11:00 a.m.

That game will be more than just a game, as Bill Self said earlier this week. The expectations for Selby, KU's No. 1 recruit who had to sit the first nine games of the season, will be in another world.

The only problem? How can Selby possibly make these guys better? They didn't play a very good game against Colorado State on Saturday night and still won by 21 points. Marcus Morris said, " I don't think we need anything," as he went on to call Selby a luxury. Via

"It’s a luxury to have him. We can’t wait to have him. I feel he’s one of us day in and day out. Getting to know him on and off the court, I can’t wait until he plays. He’s like my brother, like the rest of the guys are."

The Jayhawks may be able to win the national championship without Selby so it'll be interesting to see what his role is when he comes back. If Morris is right, and Selby is a "luxury", they can afford to ease him into the lineup.

The most anticipated home game in years is coming and the entire campus I'm sure is ready to see Selby play. Unfortunately for Self, he's going to have to figure out how to handle these expectations. Allen Fieldhouse will be packed with people expecting Selby to dunk on every basket and put up 40 points. That's simply not possible so it'll be interesting to see how Self handles it.