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Bubba Cunningham Doesn't Confirm Or Deny He's Next Athletic Director At Kansas

Multiple reports have come in on the Bubba-Cunningham-to-Kansas story. The Tulsa athletic director was reported to be leaving for KU to become the Jayhawks next athletic director. The story was first reported by Sports By Brooks and later reported by the Tulsa World, Lawrence Journal World and Kansas City Star.

The Kansas City Star's J. Brady McCollough writes that Cunningham is the choice to replace Lew Perkins as Kansas' AD but a deal to hire him isn't quite complete yet. Brooks' original report stated that a deal had yet to be consummated but Kansas could announce the move as soon as Wednesday.

Cunningham appeared on Tulsa sports radio on Tuesday night said, for now, there was no change in his status.

Cunningham, speaking on sports talk radio station KTBZ-AM in Tulsa on Tuesday night, said he was "absolutely" still the athletic director at Tulsa.

"I do not talk about it until there’s a change in employment status, and there's not a change in employment status," Cunningham said.

Clearly he qualified his statement that he's "absolutely" the AD at Tulsa at this time. It sounds like Cunningham is headed to Kansas. Unless there's a serious misinformation campaign and reporters from Kansas City, Lawrence and Tulsa have been fooled, then you can expect Cunningham to be named AD at Kansas shortly.