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Bubba Cunningham Staying At Tulsa; Will Not Be Kansas' Next Athletic Director

There are surprises and then there's this.

Bubba Cunningham will remain at the University of Tulsa, agrees to new contract with school.

Cunningham was reported to be headed to Kansas to be their next athletic director but that's not happening. The move to Kansas was reported by multiple news outlets -- Sports By Brooks, Tulsa World, Lawrence Journal-World and Kansas City Star.

If I had to guess, Cunningham or Kansas officials, at one point, expected the move to Kansas to happen, and that's why the reports came out. On Wednesday, Sports By Brooks reported that Kansas and Cunningham were working out contract details. Perhaps something went wrong in those negotiations or perhaps Tulsa matched it.

What we do know is that Cunningham has now received a contract extension at Tulsa, Tulsa President Steadman Upham announced.

"Bubba and I have a great partnership," Upham said "and his service to TU has been marked by exceptional progress by our student-athletes, including 31 Conference USA championships. We're on a roll and I'm confident we'll continue to build on our remarkable momentum and national visibility."

It would appear that Cunningham used the Kansas reported offer as leverage to get a new deal from Tulsa.

Basically, Kansas may have just been worked over pretty bad.

Back to the drawing board for Kansas.