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Josh Selby Debut: Longest Lines Of The Year At Allen Fieldhouse For USC Vs. Kansas

Fans must be excited about seeing USC, right? I've seen a few tweets come from Kansas Jayhawks fans that the lines at Allen Fieldhouse for Saturday's game between USC and Kansas are very long.

It's easily the longest student line of the year to get into AFH, even the public line is long. The lines will only get longer. 

So fans really want to see USC....right?

Oh, maybe it's that Josh Selby character. Bill Self was right -- the expectations are out of this world. Self said last week this is among the most anticipated games in the last few years for the Kansas Jayhawks at Allen Fieldhouse. Selby has sat out the first nine games of the season and now Rivals' No. player in the country will make his debut.

The excitement is abound. People think KU will actually get better with Selby. Better...? They're already the No. 3 team in the country. This will be a hell of a game. Self says it'll be the best defense they've played all year.

Allen Fieldhouse is getting packed. Fans are jacked up. It's Selby time.