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Josh Selby Debut: Winners And Losers As Kansas Beats USC, 70-68

Josh Selby's first career college shot was a three-pointer that he drilled. Selby didn't start and was probably the best offensive player on the court as Kansas' offense had an unusually slow day. Selby lead all scorers with 21 points including 5-of-8 from beyond the arc. He was very good, if you ask me, as the Kansas Jayhawks beat the USC Trojans, 70-68, thanks a Selby three pointer that gave KU the lead with 26 seconds left.

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk has the full recap of the game (which you should read) but here are a couple of winners and losers in the KU victory:

Winners on the day for Kansas are quite obviously Josh Selby, along with Thomas Robinson, rebounding, the first half defensive effort and surviving.  Losers?  The Kansas offense, taking care of the basketball, free throw shooting and the ability to put away an opponent.

Kansas' offense just wasn't there. I wonder if they were pressing a little bit because of the Selby factor. As I said previously, the biggest thing for Kansas at this point is to make sure Selby is the right fit. This team, with or without Selby, can win a national championship. They're the third ranked team in the country without Selby so talent level isn't an issue. But "fit" is a factor and they need to make sure Selby fits perfectly.

I'm not saying that was the problem today as KU struggled offensively but it's something to remember -- it's not all about talent. Fit is important.