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Josh Selby's Late Three-Pointer Was Called By Marcus Morris

Kansas Jayhawks freshman Josh Selby had an impressive debut against the USC Trojans on Saturday putting up 21 points on 5-of-11 shooting including 5-of-8 from three-point. In fact, Selby's first and last buckets of the day were from beyond the arc.

The final three pointer was an important one as it gave Kansas a 69-68 lead -- a lead they wouldn't give up -- with 26 seconds remaining in the game. Kansas got the ball and Selby says Marcus Morris gave him the heads up on the three.

Selby says Marcus Morris told him he had a feeling he (Morris) would be double-teamed, so look for the 3 and don't hesitate

Hesitate he did not. Selby, as cool as he was all day, drilled the three giving KU the lead. It's good to hear those two are already working off of each other. Kansas' offense was unusually off today as they shot under 40 percent on the day. Normally, they're among the most efficient offenses in the country so it was strange to see them struggle with a play maker like Selby added to the mix.

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