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Bill Self On Josh Selby, Sherron Collins: 'They Both Think They're Pretty Good'

The Kansas Jayhawks entered the 2010 season without a definitive team leader following the departure of Sherron Collins last year. Anytime you lose a natural leader like Collins, it takes a little while to figure out who will replace him in that role. We're still not exactly sure who that will be but, as Bill Self said earlier this week, freshman Josh Selby, who made his debut on Saturday as KU beat USC, has a little bit of Collins in him.

Selby drilled a three-pointer with 26 seconds remaining to give Kansas the lead and made the fans at Allen Fieldhouse go crazy, which he's been doing since he first committed to Kansas.

Selby finished with a game-high 21 points and 5-of-8 from beyond the arc. Self was asked after the game if there are any comparisons between Selby and Collins.

Self asked similarities between Selby and Sherron: (smiles) "They both think they're pretty good."

As usual, Self knows how to work the crowd.

Selby's debut was terrific after Self had spent all month trying to downplay the expectations of his freshman.