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Does Josh Selby Mess With Kansas' Chemistry Too Much?

It's hard not to be impressed with the beginning of Josh Selby's collegiate career. The celebrated point guard debuted in front of a raucous, energetic crowd and a national television audience and helped stave off a feisty USC squad by two in the Jayhawks win over the Trojans, 70-68.

As for his own numbers, Selby posted 21 points to go with five rebounds and 5 of 8 on three-point percentage. Those are beautiful numbers if you're a Kansas fan wondering if the hype is legit. The answer is "absolutely." The only question is how this affects Kansas from here on out.

Obviously, the addition of Selby elevates the talent level of the roster significantly. Adding a scorer of that caliber would be a welcome help on any team in the country. The noticeable stat alongside the points scored, however, is that Selby put up the most shots of any Kansas player and the USC game was a lot closer than people predicted.

It's going to take a bit of time for Bill Self to learn how to use Selby well, and for talented teammates like the Morris twins, Marcus and Markief, to allow Selby to thrive. Remember, Kansas was already 9-0 and developing a deep rotation before Selby's arrival. It's still a huge boost for the Jayhawks to have Selby in-house, but it's going to take some time and practice.