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Bill Self Christmas Eve Skype Call Goes For Over $4,000 On eBay

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If you're interested in talking to Bill Self, it's going to cost you. More specifically, if you're interested in talking to Bill Self on Christmas Eve, it will cost you $4,050. That was the winning bid on an eBay auction for a 15-minute Skype call with the Kansas Jayhawks head coach on Christmas Eve.

Don't worry -- this isn't Self just capitalizing on his popularity and pocketing the cash. The proceeds will benefit the KU coach's Assists Foundation which supports various scholarships and grants helping children.

The bid began on Dec. 14 and went to Dec. 19. The starting bid was $100 and the ending bid was $4,050. Self's an expensive man to talk to but it's all good because it's benefiting a good cause.

How much would you pay for a phone call with Bill Self?