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Kansas Beats Cal: Winners Include Josh Selby, Markieff Morris; Losers Include Marcus Morris

Owen Kemp of SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk summed up the Kansas Jayhawks' 78-63 victory over Cal on Tuesday night: "Kansas was doing a lot of things right, but kept allowing Cal to stay within arms length.  That for the moment is Kansas basketball."As he says, Kansas won this won on talent alone. The Jayhawks let Cal stick around despite doing a lot of things right.

Rock Chalk Talk has the full-game recap. Here's a look at their winners and losers from the night.

Winners for Kansas; Tyrel Reed, Markieff Morris, Josh Selby round 2, 1st half three point shooting and defense. 

Markieff Morris stepped up bigtime in Marcus Morris' absence. He ended with 21 points and 10 boards. Great night for him. Josh Selby once was who we thought he was as he added 18 points after starting off hot. The first half 3-point shooting was money, especially Selby.

Losers; Marcus Morris, technical fouls, ejections, composure and focus.

This pretty much nails it. The story line coming out of this game will be the scuffles, technical and intentional fouls. Kansas simply can not let this happen. They're clearly the better team and they can't be drawn away from their game, which they were at times on Wednesday night.

Kansas got the victory but as always there are things to work on.