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VIDEO: Kansas' Marcus Morris Ejected For Elbowing Cal's Harper Kamp

Kansas got off its game for a while on Wednesday night when it visited the California Bears. Kansas was in control much of the game but let Cal stick around until late in the second half. The two sides were chippy and scrappy most of the game as the refs had to continuously stop the game to break up fights.

One of those fights came after Cal's Allen Crabbe hit a 3-pointer, which was actually the spark behind a 13-0 run it went on. Anyway, after the three, in plain view of the refs, Marcus Morris elbowed Cal's Harper Kamp in the head. It was clearly intentional and it had the potential to be a little more vicious. Whether Morris was reaction to something or not it was a bad move.

The officials called the flagrant, huddled together and eventually ejected Morris from the game. Luckily his brother stepped it up for KU, scoring 21 points and 10 boards. Following the game head coach Bill Self was not happy at all with the way things went down indicating that Kansas should know better than to get involved in situations like that.

My take: It was definitely chippy and it's easier said than done when you're talking about retaliating. Elbows and cheap shots will make their way into the game no matter what but, as you can see in the replay after the jump, there is a time and place for everything. And directly in front of the referees in wide open space is not the time for something like that. Morris made a dumb play and it was even dumber after he got caught.