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Bill Self On Marcus Morris Ejection: 'He Got Exactly What He Deserved'

The Kansas Jayhawks basketball team made the trip all the way out to the West Coast to face the California Bears and they walked away with a 78-63 victory but Marcus Morris wasn't around for the whole thing. The Jayhawks' big man was ejected after throwing an elbow during the game. Replays showed that the elbow was intentional (and even dumber because it was in clear view of the refs).

KU basketball coach Bill Self's reaction? He got what he deserved.

"It was ridiculous," Self said. "We obviously contributed a great amount to it. I think Cal was chippy also, but we didn't handle it very well. We let it bother us too much and had to get the last word in. I was disappointed in how our guys reacted, really disappointed in Marcus. He got exactly what he deserved."

Can you blame Self for this reaction? There's no reason Kansas should have been brought down to this level. They're clearly better than Cal and the only way they would have lost this game would have been if they're focused on something else -- like getting into a fight.

"The thing that bothers me in basketball is when guys put their own agendas ahead of their team. That's very, very, very selfish," Self said. "That was about as bad a basketball play as I've ever seen."

Morris' elbow was intentional so there was some degree of this being personal.

Kansas got the win but they also made some stupid mistakes in this game.