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Kansas Jayhawks Vs. Memphis Tigers: KU Basketball Is Efficient Offensively

The Kansas Jayhawks are preparing to play the Memphis Tigers at Madison Square Garden Tuesday evening for the first game of the Jimmy V Classic. The Jayhawks enter the game as one of the most efficient offenses in the NCAA -- and they've yet to get Josh Selby back.

Owen Kemp of SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk writes that when Kansas is on, they're among the best offenses.

Two stats that illustrate this as well as anything have to be eFG% and assists per 40 minutes of basketball.  In both instances, Kansas is tops in the country.  When you move the ball well as a team and find the open player, good things happen, good shots happen and you're in a better position to convert a high percentage of those shots.

They're ranked third in offensive efficiency and third in scoring, as RCT points out. Kansas is most dangerous when Marcus and Markieff Morris aren't in foul trouble (obviously). If that happens, I think they can keep some teams in games. It'll be interesting to see how Memphis matches up because they haven't been tested too much this year.

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