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Kansas Jayhawks Vs. Memphis Tigers Score Update: KU Leads, 37-35 At Halftime

The Kansas Jayhawks are having some trouble with the Memphis Tigers press and has turned it over 12 times heading into halftime. Fourth ranked KU basketball is holding onto a 37-35 lead over Memphis at halftime.

Tyshawn Taylor had eight points and Marcus Morris added seven in the first half. Kansas is shooting 51.7 percent as a team and 57 percent on 4-of-7 beyond the arc.

Ultimately it's Kansas' turnovers that are causing the most problems for them. KU has 12 turnovers to Memphis' six. They've been playing solid defense against Memphis forcing them into 38.2 percent shooting including 4-of-11 from three point land.

Kansas is shooting better, rebounding better and playing better defense. If they can handle these turnovers they should be able to win this game.

It's still early but I'm liking how Kansas is playing I'll predict that the turnovers won't persist in the second half and KU pulls it out. To this point in the season, KU has been a smarter team when it come to turnovers and I don't see them continuing.