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Kansas Jayhawks Football Bowl Game?

The Kansas Jayhawks were miserable in the 2010 season and didn't even reach six wins -- they were 3-9 -- but somehow, someway they're in a bowl game.

What, you didn't hear KU got a Bowl invite?

The ‘Haven’t We Played in the Orange Bowl Recently?’ Bowl - Kansas Jayhawks (3-9) vs. Cincinnati Bearcats (4-8) - KU played in Miami after the 2007 season, beating Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl, while a year later, Cincy lost to the Hokies. Neither team could get it going in ‘10 with new coaches (Turner Gill, Butch Jones) at the helm.

Time flies, huh? Obviously they're not really in a bowl but it's amazing how quickly things can turn for two programs like KU or Cincinnati football.

I'd like to hear the goals of the program next year and I hope making a bowl game is one of them. Kansas won three games and included losses to a team like North Dakota State. They have the talent to become bowl eligible. We'll see next year if Turner Gill can bring them to that point.

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