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Bill Self Says Josh Selby's Kansas Jayhawks Debut Could Be Most Anticipated Home Game In Years

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What should we expect from the debut of Josh Selby next week? Check out Rock Chalk Talk for more on Selby and the Jayhawks.

We are getting closer to Josh Selby's arrival to the Kansas Jayhawks lineup. After an NCAA ruling said he must sit until Dec. 18, Selby, KU's top recruit, has been waiting to play. KU basketball fans have been waiting for him to play. Bill Self has been waiting for him to play. Heck, the NBA has been waiting for him to play.

It's all resulted in some pretty big expectations. But what should we expect from Selby's arrival?

"Expectations will be a little ridiculous for him, starting out," Self said, "just because everybody’s been waiting and questioning. Our USC home game will be as anticipated a home game as we’ve had maybe in years there in Allen."

The expectations will be out of this world because we've been waiting for so long. With each day that we wait, the perception of Selby's talent level and the contributions he can conceivably make, grows.

Self already has a team that, right now, without Selby, could compete for a national championship. They're already among the best offenses in college basketball. They already have play makers. They already have chemistry. But Self says there are weaknesses Selby will help with.

"If you look at our team, who breaks down pressure?" Self said. "Obviously, you need a second guy that can do that. Josh is the only guy in our program that you can run really bad offense and come away with two or three points, and every team needs a guy like that."

Since KU has shown they're clearly already one of the best offenses this will come down to fit. How can Selby fit into this offense? I think the key to remember is that they're already good -- he's an added dimension.

But he's not making or breaking the team.