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Jordan Webb, Kansas Jayhawks Given A 23 Point Line Against New Mexico State

The Kansas Jayhawks should win.

And if you believe oddsmakers, they should win by more than three touchdowns. Yes, a whopping 23-point favorite for KU. They're 1-2 and certainly haven't blown anyone out so even for New Mexico State standards that seems really high.

The top goal for KU, as it is in any football game, is getting the quarterback going.

KU's Jordan Webb has a combined one touchdown in their two losses. In the week two victory over Georgia Tech, he had three.

Now that Webb is the man he needs to take control of the offense and go for a big day, even if the opponent isn't expected to do much.

Webb's going to be there for several years so he needs to know what it's like to have a big day throwing the ball.

If there was ever a day to do it, it's against New Mexico State at 6:00 p.m.