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Kansas vs. New Mexico State: Keys To The Game For The Jayhawks

The Kansas Jayhawks are 23-point favorites against New Mexico State.

Here are a few keys to their game on Saturday.

Get off to a fast start. We don't expect another North Dakota State type of upset but just in case KU needs to get a fast start. They don't want to let doubt creep into their heads by letting NMSU hang around. Putting up 14 in the first quarter should help.

Get Jordan Webb rolling. Webb is the most important piece of the Kansas Jayhawks puzzle, as the quarterback is for any team. KU is expected to win big so Webb needs to see what it feels like to have another Georgia Tech-type of game.

Be consistent. Kansas comes into this game after losing to North Dakota State, beating No. 15 Georgia Tech and then losing again to Southern Miss. There's no consistency there. The Jayhawks need to give Jordan Webb a chance and be consistent with the offense and hold strong on the run defense.

Just dominate. Kansas hasn't had a blowout game throughout the first three games of their non-conference schedule. For confidence reasons, they need a stat-game like this. They're favored to win by 23 so it seems that they'll have that opportunity.