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KU Football, Turner Gill Look To Big 12 Conference Play

KU football finished up its non-conference schedule with a 2-2 record including losses to North Dakota State and Southern Miss.

This is about the way most predicted KU would finish this part of the schedule (except flip-flopping the NDSU and Georgia Tech games).

The next stop for KU: Big 12 Conference play vs. Baylor next week.

Here's what Turner Gill said about the transition:

"I feel better.  No doubt about it, we still have some work to do.  I feel good about us going into conference play.  Obviously, coming in with a win is a good situation for us, but we still have some things to improve on.  Our next opponent Baylor is a very good football team and we have to go down there to play them too.  It will be a tremendous challenge but again we have to gear up to see what we can do."

KU's inconsistency makes it nearly impossible to predict how they'll do in Big 12 play but they've demonstrated against Georgia Tech that they are capable of winning some big games.