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Big 12 Power Rankings: Should OK State Leapfrog Nebraska?

Owen Kemp of Rock Chalk Talk has released his version of the Big 12 power rankings and there's one spot that will make you look twice: Oklahoma State is above Nebraska.

How can that be? In the USA Today coaches poll Nebraska is 6th in the country while OSU is 24th (behind Mizzou at 23).

Kemp explains Oklahoma State's spot:

It feels a little crazy putting the Cowboys this high when they didn't even play, but Texas lost, Nebraska didn't look all that impressive and I'm still in awe at the explosive capabilities of this offense. If UCLA can beat Texas, these guys can certainly do it and I'd also say that the Cowboys could score enough on the Husker defense if I had to take a stab at it.  #2 for this week, but Thursday definitely sorts out a lot of the speculation and hype surrounding this team.

And Nebraska's spot:

The Huskers appeared a bit distracted and less than motivated as they squared off against a border rival (sarcasm).  Obviously they did enough to get a win, but this week the offense took a bit of a dip. All in all this was a trap game sandwiched between two road contests against BCS opponents and the Huskers won.  Now they head to Manhattan and a game that gives the early edge in the North.

Hop on over to Rock Chalk Talk and let 'em know if he's right or wrong.