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College Football Preview: KU's Turner Gill Breaks Down Baylor Offense

KU football head coach Turner Gill is preparing his team for Baylor on Saturday in Waco, TX. It's certainly a tough matchup -- KU is a 9-point underdog -- because Baylor has some offensive weapons.

Gill spoke to the media this week and offered up a few thoughts on Baylor's offense. SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk has the details on what Gill had to say:

"Baylor is a very good football team. The first thing that jumps out at you is their offensive side of the ball. They have a very good running back; they have an outstanding quarterback who is able to throw and run. Already at this point, Robert Griffin III almost has thrown for 1,000 yards. So the quarterback is not just a runner, he also can make some things happen with his arm."

Clearly the goal is to stop Griffin. He has a part in 11 of Baylor's 12 touchdowns so it's obvious he's a significant part of KU's defensive game plan this week. KU meanwhile is fifth in the country in pass defense, which is a good sign against a tough Baylor offense.


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