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College Football Preview: KU's Turner Gill Breaks Down Baylor Defense

The Kansas Jayhawks enter Big 12 Conference play on Saturday against Baylor.

KU's offense put up 42 points last week -- but that was against New Mexico State. Baylor presents a different challenge, KU head coach Turner Gill says.

"On their defensive side of the ball, the stat that is hitting me is, in their wins this season, they have only allowed one touchdown and they've had five field goals. That tells me something about some things they are doing defensively, so we're going to definitely have to be very, very efficient on our offensive side of the ball."

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk says there are some secondary injuries as well as some possible weaknesses against the run.

Baylor's defense has been impressive, to say the least. Here's their points given up per game: 3, 6, 10 and 13.

KU has its work cut out for them.

Check out Rock Chalk Talk for more on the Baylor game.