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Kansas Ticket Scandal: Former KU Ticket Director Pleads Guilty

The fallout from the Kansas ticket scandal continues.

On Thursday, former KU ticket director Kassie Liebsch pleaded guilty this week after she and four other former co-workers were indicted on Nov. 18 with accusations that they were knowingly involved in the ticket scandal which earned them up to $5 million, according to the indictment.

She is one of seven top athletic department staffers to resign following the incident. Her lawyer had a statement following the news:

"From approximately age 22 to age 27, Kassie Liebsch made decisions and took actions which she now deeply regrets," Bell said. "By pleading guilty today in court, she has accepted full responsibility for her decisions and actions. She looks forward to moving on to a new chapter in her life."

Lots of people make mistakes from age 22-27 but lots of people do not commit federal crimes and engage in conspiracies that last multiple years.

Rodney Jones, former assistant AD who was in charge of the Williams Educational Fund at the time, is expected to change his not guilty plea.