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Kansas Ticket Scandal Sees Another Guilty Plea

Rodney Jones, one of the first names identified in the Kansas University ticket scandal, has pleaded guilty. Jones pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud which is the same charge levied on Kassie Liebsch, KU's ticket director, on Thursday.

Jason Jeffries and Brandon Simmons, two other staffers, have already pleaded guilty.

"He has accepted responsibility for his role in the diversion and sale of tickets from Kansas University. He deeply regrets his involvement in this episode," said Jerald Handley, Jones' attorney. "He apologizes to the university for his conduct. He has agreed to and is cooperating with the authorities to resolve the issues that are referred to in the indictment."

Jones becomes the latest guilty plea in the Kansas ticket scandal. US Attorney's outlined the process in which they found Jones to be guilty.

The federal Internal Revenue Service used a variety of investigative techniques to discover that ticket brokers in Kansas City were receiving "an inordinate number" of KU basketball season tickets. These brokers were writing large checks to "cash" and then "a friend and associate" of Jones was taking the cash to Jones.    

He's responsible, along with others, for paying back the $2 million to Kansas.