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Kansas Jayhawks 'Most Likely Loss' Coming Against Missouri Tigers

CBS Sports is ranking all the undefeated teams remaining and it's not much of a surprise that the Kansas Jayhawks top the list with the Duke Blue Devils losing this week. KU basketball is 16-0 coming off of a couple of tough road games that they pulled out. 

So can they go undefeated?

The roster is likely the most diverse of all the undefeated teams, with the Morris twins and Josh Selby ensuring that there will be no team the Jayhawks can't score on, or defend. The Big 12 is good, but not great, and with the disappointing play of Kansas State, a couple of games that seemed like hurdles now seem a bit more doable. The only ranked teams the Jayhawks will face on the road are Missouri and potentially Kansas State, thus putting Kansas in the spot of most likely to accomplish this impossible dream.    

When Kansas is playing their game, it's pretty simple to me -- no team in college basketball can beat them. Of course, KU hasn't been on their game every time they suit up this year. They slipped past Iowa State witha  five point victory and needed OT to beat Michigan in their last two games. That shows they're not always on and they are beatable.

But will they get beat?

Most Likely Loss:   Missouri, in the final game of the regular season. In the unlikely event Kansas comes in undefeated, Mike Anderson's squad will ensure that no team goes into NCAA play without a blemish.

Missouri's no slouch themselves so I like this prediction -- that's assuming Kansas can indeed go through most of conference play undefeated, which is hard to believe.