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Kansas Jayhawks Barely Escape Pesky Nebraska Cornhuskers

This game wasn't supposed to be this close. If you believed my pre-game picks, the Kansas Jayhawks would have "cruised" against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. And then by halftime the Huskers are leading the Jayhawks by five and in the middle of the second half the game was still in doubt.

Kansas finished the game winners, 63-60. This was a game of contrasting styles and Nebraska's defense nearly won out. The Huskers have one of the most efficient defenses in the country while the Jayhawks have one of, if not the most efficient offense in the country. For much of the day, Nebraska was winning that battle.

About halfway through the second half, Kansas came alive and began to turn into themselves. Tyrel Reed and Marcus Morris both had 16 points in the victory.

I'm not quite sure what to think of this Kansas Jayhawks team. Yeah, they're undefeated and you could make a case for them as the top team in the country. But then you look at the last three games and you're like, 'Wait, this is the best team in the country?'

This is Kansas' third straight game that's been in doubt. Against Michigan last week they went to overtime, and against Iowa State last week they won by just five points and then on Saturday they barely escaped Nebraska. 

I'm not sure how -- maybe they aren't either -- but this team keeps winning even when they're not playing their best.

They'll be tested big time on Monday night when they head down to Waco, TX to play Baylor. Kansas can't play like they did on Saturday and expect to beat Baylor.