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Kansas Jayhawks Play Best First Half Of Season; Baylor 'Embarrassed'

The Kansas Jayhawks cruised to a 20-point victory over the Baylor Bears on Monday night and it was one of the best games we've seen from KU all year. The Jayhawks' big men, Marcus and Markieff Morris, combined for 44 points and Kansas shot nearly 80 percent from the field.

"That was by far the best we've played," Kansas coach Bill Self said of the opening half. "The twins were the best players in the game, but I really felt like everybody played well, especially in the first half."    

I'll admit -- I didn't see this coming. After an overtime game against Michigan two weeks ago and two Big 12 victories by a combined eight points, I thought this was a prime opportunity for Kansas to blow it and lose their undefeated season. Apparently not.

"We were all embarrassed by our first-half performance," said Bears coach Scott Drew, whose team went to an NCAA regional final last season. "Give Kansas a lot of credit for coming out and punching us in the face. ... This is the first time in a long time we've been beat this handily."    

You know you've done something well when the opposing coach says he's embarrassed. Drew also said it probably wasn't the best idea for folks to call KU the worst undefeated team because they took it out on them Monday night. 

(H/T AP)