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Bill Self, Kansas Jayhawks Hope To Replicate Baylor Performance Against Texas

Last week the Kansas Jayhawks dominated the Baylor Bears in a game some predicted would be the first loss of the season for KU basketball. Going on the road against a tough team with KU coming off of a stretch of games that were closer than we thought they would be.

And then Kansas blew them out, 85-65. KU head coach Bill Self talked this week (via about getting too hyped up for Saturday's game against Texas.

"With our guys I'm not worried about that too much. It's been the polar opposite," Self said, laughing. "They'll be excited to play. I thought the Baylor game (Monday's 85-65 win) was a perfect example of when a team is ready and at that magic level where focus and concentration and energy meet to give you the best chance. I hope it is the same way here."    

Kansas was on fire Monday night when they played Baylor. The first half might have been their best half of the season and, after watching that half, you could make a very strong argument that Kansas is the best team in the country. If they can do the same against Texas, they're strengthen the idea that they should be the No. 1 team in the country.

Kansas and Texas tip-off at Allen Fieldhouse at 3:00 p.m. (CT). Check out Rock Chalk Talk for more on the game.