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Bill Self On Kansas' 69-Game Winning Streak Snapped: 'I Could Care Less About The Streak'

The Kansas Jayhawks dropped their first game at Allen Fieldhouse in their last 70 attempts. KU baketball had a 690-game home winning streak entering Saturday before Texas spoiled the fun beating Kansas, 74-63. Texas is ranked 10th in the country so Kansas knew heading into the game it would be no easy task.

Kansas head coach Bill Self said after the game the winning streak isn't something they thought about -- nor cared about.

"I could care less about the streak.  The only thing I was concerned about on the streak was I wanted our team to be the one that had the longest streak in school history. The media does a good job of talking about the streak, but it doesn't weigh that much on my mind."    

Self has been pretty consistent in that regard so this isn't a situation where he's downplaying the importance of it now that it's over. 

In the end, Kansas just didn't seem to have the emotional fire that they did earlier in the week in a 20-point blowout over Baylor.  I thought Brady Morningstar had a good perspective on it all.

"They all hurt; you never like to lose. Obviously, we had a streak going, but we aren't playing for the sake of a streak. All losses hurt, especially ones at home, but they happen to everybody. We just need to bounce back, be ready to practice and be ready to play. We've got other things to worry about now."

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