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Former Kansas AD Lew Perkins Fined $4,000 In Ethics Case; Didn't Intentionally Violate Law

Former Kansas Jayhawks athletic director Lew Perkins agreed to pay a $4,000 fine after an ethics violation for improperly accepting a gift of exercise equipment. In the case, Perkins paid the fine but said he did not try to intentionally violate Kansas law

"I never acted with any intent to violate any laws or ethical rules," Perkins said in a statement issued through his attorneys. "It is time for closure and to move on, and I am glad to have this matter fully and finally resolved."  

That he alerted others on his own of the circumstances is evidence that he didn't intentionally do this. Perkins, while KU's AD, accepted exercise equipment. Because his salary is partly paid by the state, he's subject to different rules under what gifts he can accept. 

Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission chairwoman Sabrina Standifer said after the meeting that the agreement -- $4,000 fine to Perkins -- works well for everyone.

"Both parties worked very hard to reach this consent decree. It is to everyone's benefit. We didn't have to have a full-blown hearing, bring in witnesses, all of those expenses, so I think it's a good resolution."    

Perkins accepted exercise equipment from Kansas City-based Medical Outfitters in 2005. In 2009, he paid $5,000 as a rental fee on the equipment. That means that money, plus the fine money, and he's already dropped $9,000 on this situation. Add in however many lawyers fees you've got and Perkins' gift was incredibly costly.

There were actually two complaints against Perkins but one of them -- dealing with physical therapy sessions -- was dropped.