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Kansas Crushes Kansas State In 24-Point Blowout Victory

The Kansas Jayhawks dropped to sixth in the polls last week after losing their first game of the season. In another highly anticipated battle, Kansas met Kansas State on Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse and it was....ugly, at least for Kansas State.

Kansas dropped the Wildcats, 90-66, moving to 20-1 on the season and 5-1 in the Big 12. Texas won on Saturday as well so Kansas is still second in the Big 12.

Kansas simply looked like the better team for 40 minutes. They had a 17 point lead after halftime and by the end of the game it was a 24-point blowout.

The Morris brothers, Marcus and Markieff, were solid as they combined for 30 points and 18 boards. Josh Selby scored 12 points and made all three three-pointers he attempted. 

Thomas Robinson had a heavy heart following the death of his mother last week but scored 17 points on 7-of-11 shooting. He got a big ovation when he first came into the game and the Kansas players were wearing "LR" patches -- Lisa Robinson.

Kansas shot 61 percent from the field and Kansas State shot 33 percent. That's the game right there. K-State was just missing everything it seemed in the first half. They had layup opportunities and just couldn't convert. Jacob Pullen had 21 points but that came off of 8-of-22 shooting. Kansas State didn't have much go their way.

Kansas State now drops to 14-8 on the season. Is this a tournament team?