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Bill Self Not Happy, Breaking Down UMKC And Other Kansas Jayhawks News

Here's some Kansas news for today...

Semi-statistical recap of KU vs. UMKC. RCT breaks down the game in which the Jayhawks won big. They're gearing up for conference play which should make for some more interesting games. 

Bill Self not happy with second half blowout plan getting out. Kansas coach Bill Self told his players he wanted to win the second half by 20 points and Tyshawn Taylor told that to reporters. Oops. "They shouldn't have said that to you," said Self, who used a 1-2-2 fullcourt press during the game. "They shouldn't have said that to you. We did OK, but we had a couple of guys make some bad plays. We did fine, but they should have never said that to you. As a matter of fact, it pisses me off that they did, so next question." 

Kansas' schedule. The Jayhawks play Michigan this weekend and then begin conference play against Iowa State next week. 

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