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Kansas State Vs. Kansas: Turner Gill Says He'll Have Team Focused And Ready Next Week

With another loss in the books on a season that’s becoming increasingly frustrating, the Kansas Jayhawks are not ready to lose hope. At least, that’s what head coach Turner Gill said in his post-game comments after this afternoon’s 59-21 loss to the Kansas State Wildcats.

Thus far, the Jayhawks are falling hard after a promising opening to the 2011 season. After starting 2-0, the Jayhawks are now 2-5 and 0-4 in Big 12 conference play. The tough run against Top 25 competition continued with another lopsided loss and next week features more of the same with the No. 24 ranked Texas Longhorns awaiting their arrival.

Gill said after that game that every loss hurts, but he also added that the team simply has to look past what’s behind them and continue to get better.

“We just tell them to keep on working. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to keep on working and continue to improve as the football team and as a coach. We’re going to continue to evaluate where we’re at and our schemes offensively and defensively and also what the things we’re doing personnel wise. Our guys gotta keep on battling and they will. We’ll come back and get them back into focus and get them ready to play a good football game next week.”