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Kansas Vs. Oklahoma State: Fun With Horrible Stats

Disparity, defined: Oklahoma State's vaunted passing offense could overtake Houston for the top spot nationally if the Kansas defense holds serve today. The Cowboys are second nationally and first in the Big 12 in passing (415.5 yards a game), third nationally and first in the Big 12 in total yards (571.75 yards a game), and sixth nationally in scoring (46.75 points a game).

The Jayhawks? Through a brutal early season, KU is 120th nationally in total defense (44.25 points allowed a game), 119th nationally in total defense (545 yards allowed a game), and a 170.90 pass defense efficiency rating, good for 118th in the country.

Turner Gill's response to this... mismatch? 

"We go against ourselves because our offense is capable of doing those types of things. It gives our players a more game-like type of atmosphere as far as what they (OSU) will do versus having our scout team."

FYI: Gill's Kansas offense is 71st in the nation entering Saturday, with a respectable 219.25 yards a game.