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Enjoy Kentucky And Kansas In Madison Square Garden, Could Be The Best Game There For Awhile

The Kentucky Wildcats and the Kansas Jayhawks will prepare to do battle in Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, its a sad thing that this game between college basketball's blue bloods will be the best game in the arena for a long time.

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The anticipation for tomorrow's marquee matchup between two blue bloods of college basketball should be enough to make any basketball fan want to watch. Yet, as No. 2 Kentucky and No. 11 Kansas prepare to square off in Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, the news around us won't let get around the realization that is hitting all basketball fans.

We might not be getting any NBA basketball for a long, long time.

With the NBA players' union deciding to reject the owners latest offer and deciding to disband, the thoughts of having an actual NBA season has begun to dissipate like the breath from a fan while waiting outside an arena on a chilly night.

So while we await the clash between Wildcats' phenoms Terrence Jones and Anthony Davis versus Jayhawks' stars Tyshawn Taylor and Thomas Robinson, its weird to think that there are five NBA stars who can't play the game they love because the owners and players (mostly the owners) have not been able to come to an agreement.

How good would Kansas be if the Morris brothers (Markieff and Marcus) and Josh Selby were still in Lawrence?

How good would Kentucky be if Brandon Knight and Deandre Liggins were still in Lexington?

How much more dynamic of a matchup would this battle between bluebloods be with five pros in uniform in Madison Square Garden?

Its a shame, really. The truth of the matter is, this might be the best game played in "The Garden" for a long time. The Garden has always been known as The Mecca of basketball, with the Knicks serving as gracious hosts and stars lining the court much like deacons in the front row of a church. The Garden would be filled with rabid basketball fans like the congregation would be waiting on the preacher to deliver the word. Let the church say Amen!


Oh....I'm sorry, got a little carried away there.

College basketball will have to serve as the cocktail that quenches our basketball thirst. Kentucky and Kansas are two of the best teams in America, and because of the NBA we've not only been robbed of the best league in all of sports taken away from us but also the players involved will have to sit in purgatory unable to play at either level that suits them.

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