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Bill Self Compares New Kansas Recruit Landen Lucas To Darnell Jackson

The latest signee to the Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball team is going to be a solid player in the frontcourt for KU, according to Bill Self, and one that fans might see images of Darnell Jackson. That's the primary comparison Self makes when describing the new recruit for KU fans.


"We've known about Landen for a long time and we've been recruiting him for a while," says Self. "Not with the vigor that we should have been, but we have been and he came to camp this past summer and we saw him play. He's good. He's extremely skilled. He's a big kid that I think can do a lot of things very similar in fashion to Darnell Jackson. I think he's a big enough kid to defend the five, but versatile enough to play the four. Very skilled. Can make a shot. I think he's an intangible guy. He does all the little things that give your team a chance to win."