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Kansas Vs. Iowa State: Just When The Jayhawks Thought It Was Safe...

After a Blue October for the hapless Jayhawks, it's... basically more of the same for KU football this week against Iowa State.

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As Turner Gill's hot seat ranking climbs steadily (he's at No. 6 in this week's "official" gauge at, his luck is getting worse - Iowa State could've easily been the relative respite from a month of K State, Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State absolutely throttling the Jayhawks. 

Yet when Texas Tech imploded against the Cyclones' suddenly unstoppable running game last Saturday, it was as if the Jayhawks lost twice (because they also lost to Texas 43-0, you see). Now 4-4 Iowa State is a two touchdown favorite, and there's little relief in sight for a KU defense dead last in the nation in total defense (555.75 yards allowed per game) and scoring defense (49.5 points a game).

FUNNEST FUN STAT OF THE WEEK: Courtesy of the Des Moines Register, the Jayhawks have lost their six games by an average of 34.3 points a game. 

Amidst that kind of losing streak, there's nothing more uncomfortable to endure than the weekly press conference, general state-of-affairs quote from any head coach not named Houston Nutt. Come, wince along with Turner Gill's doom:

 "I just wanted to talk about where we're at for our fans and really everyone as well as what I am telling our team and our coaches as we finish this season. First of all, I am just telling them, that it is a new month. We are looking forward to the month of November because it is about how you finish. That is what we are talking to our players and coaches about, that we need to finish this (season) in a positive way. All we need to do is keep working harder, keep watching things a little bit longer and keep talking about how we can get better. Those are the types of things we are talking about with our coaches and players, just being more detailed in everything we do. The last thing is that I am determined to really change what we have done so far this football season. I will do everything in my power and my will to continue to work hard with our coaching staff and our players to finish this season in a positive way."

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