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Kansas Owes Turner Gill Another $200K For 'Retention Bonus'

Andy Hyland over at found an interesting bit of research that only makes the Turner Gill contract look even worse. It's already been widely reported (and panned) that Kansas gave Gill $2 million per win -- a sign of both the ridiculous guaranteed amount and the lack of success under Gill. But Hyland also points out a clause in the contract that nets him another $200K on his way out.

"But, in addition to his $2 million salary, he’s also due an annual retention bonus of $100,000 per year. Under the terms of Gill’s contract, if Kansas Athletics terminates him without cause, he’s also due $100,000 for the first year, and a pro-rated sum based on the number of days he’s served for this year. Using the formula outlined in his retention agreement, that comes out to just over $90,000. So it’s really not $6 million Kansas Athletics owes Turner Gill over the next 90 days, it’s really closer to $6.2 million, according to the contract."