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Turner Gill Firing: Mack Brown Says Former Kansas HC Is 'Really Good Football Coach'

ESPN's David Ubben recently got some other Big 12 head football coaches on the record saying their opinion of Turner Gill's firing at Kansas and none of them are good. They're all in agreement that Gill deserved more time to turn the program at KU around. Mack Brown of Texas was one of the most outspoken about Gill's firing.

"Turner Gill is a really good man, he’s a smart man, he’s a really good football coach or he couldn’t have won at Buffalo. He’s a guy that everybody in the country was talking about as being a great young coach, and I know absolutely, two years isn’t long enough to get a program turned around," Brown told Ubben. "I am a Turner Gill fan. I hate to see this happen to him and that staff. They had some really good coaches on that staff and I hope he can find a new place quickly, because he’s a guy that college football needs."

Gill only had two years, but they were a horrific two years in terms of ultimate results. While everyone can and should praise him for his demeanor, his personality and the things he stood for as a head coach, he ultimately failed to win in Lawrence, and that makes all the difference in today's landscape of college athletics. With only one Big 12 win in two seasons, Gill failed to show enough hope for change for KU to give him more time.