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Iowa State Coach Paul Rhoads Weighs In On Turner Gill's Firing From Kansas

In the wake of Turner Gill's firing from Kansas, several of his peers have weighed in with ESPN's David Ubben. Paul Rhoads knows the difficulty of turning around a program at Iowa State and, in fact, Rhoads has his team on a roll as of late, taking out top notch programs along the way -- like Oklahoma State just over a week ago. Rhoads believes Gill deserved more time than the two years that Kansas gave him.

"I think it’s bad for our profession. Especially in the sport of football, with so many bodies and such a philosophy to build and all the development that takes place,"  Rhoads said. "We’re in our third year here and we’re just now starting to see the physical differences needed to compete in that league."

Ubben writes, "Rhoads said his team got "physically whooped" in a 52-0 loss at Oklahoma last year. This year, the 26-6 result was much closer, and he credits his strength staff for beefing up both of his lines, something that can't be accomplished so quickly. 'That takes time to build that up,' he said. 'It’s bad for our profession, coaches getting two years and then being let go.'"