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Is Charlie Weis 'Ill-Suited For College Game' As New Kansas Football Coach?

One thing that the whole Charlie Weis hiring is not is uninteresting. Outside of that, it’s hard to find people who agree on much of anything concerning the new Kansas football head coach and the predictions about his future performance. Some love it and laud it and believe it will restore Kansas football to relevance — at least that’s what the university is selling. Others, such as Paul Myerberg from Pre-Snap Read, say that it’s a desperation move that makes no sense for what the program really needs.

He writes, "Kansas didn’t necessarily need an offensive genius, even if we stretch to attach that tag to a coach whose most recent offense scored a total of 92 points against its last seven F.B.S. opponents. Kansas needed a coach who can lead a roster of three-stars to consistent bowl play; the Jayhawks needed a builder, not a maintainer.

:Weis is neither of those," Myerberg continues. “Notre Dame proved this out: he took his predecessor’s players to greater heights, but showed an utter inability to develop his own players. Think immediate stars are walking into Lawrence? Think again. Weis will need to identify second-tier talent and turn it into first-tier talent to win the Big 12.”

In the end, Myerberg believes that Weis is “ill-suited” for the college game overall. Sheahon Zenger, the KU athletic director, can only hope Myerberg and others like him are totally wrong or else Weis won’t be the only one let go.