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Charlie Weis Looking To Quickly Turn Kansas Into A Winner

New Kansas football coach Charlie Weis has a five-year plan for turning the Jayhawks long suffering football program into a consistent winner.

New Kansas coach Charlie Weis has a five-year plan to turn the Kansas Jayhawks into a consistent winner. The plan begins now and would conclude five years down the road with Weis heading off into retirement and handing the keys to the program over to one of his assistants. 

"It's going to be a quick stop. It's going to be five years. That's the quick stop. I'm going to be here for five years, because my wife and I had planned for me to be working at Florida for the next five years and then try to be put in a situation where we can walk away. ... What we're going to do here is we're going to go try to turn this program into a perennial winning program and then try to have it where one of the guys on this coaching staff takes over."

Any successful football program begins on the recruiting trail. Weis told Kansas City's KCSP that he honestly believes that you can see a lot of difference after just one recruiting cycle. 

"Honestly I believe a full recruiting cycle. You can get them better in a hurry and sometimes things can fall into place for you, but I think you have to go a full recruiting cycle where you know everyone you've brought in the program and their strengths and weaknesses."

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