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Charlie Weis Adds Ron Powlus To Kansas Jayhawks Coaching Staff

Another name was recently announced as an assistant coach on Charlie Weis’ new staff as the Kansas Jayhawks head football coach. Ron Powlus becomes yet another Notre Dame connection for Weis as he rounds out his staff with Powlus serving as the quarterbacks coach for the Jayhawks after serving in the same post the last two seasons for Akron and working with Weis at Notre Dame before that.

As our own Chip Rouse says, “I’m not so sure about Powlus’ credentials as a coach or instructor, but I know he wasn’t all that impressive as a college player. I do know that he was touted one of the country’s blue-chip recruits coming out of high school, but like so many, he failed to live up to lofty expectations assigned to him at the next level. The bar may have been set a bit too high for Powlus at Notre Dame, but he did leave a solid legacy, setting 20 school records in his four seasons in South Bend. Before accepting the offer to join Weis at Kansas, Powlus was the passing game coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Akron, where he has been the past two years.”