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Dave Christensen Stays At Wyoming After Houston And Kansas Rumors

Dave Christensen is going nowhere after all. And year after year, it seems that more head football coaches are using the annual carousel to parlay their own sweet deals to stay. Smart move in the case of Christensen who used the rumors surrounding the coach's possible exit to replace Kevin Sumlin at Houston or Turner Gill at Kansas into a new five-year extension to be the head coach at Wyoming, according to Eric Blumberg.

Christensen is the former Missouri offensive coordinator and has ties to Big 12 country which is why he was connected with the teams in the region. Christensen went 8-4 this last season and has an 18-19 record in his three seasons with the Cowboys. While his second year experienced some rebuilding and a consequential 3-9 record, it's clear he's got some strong momentum in the Mountain West and Wyoming wanted to make sure that Christensen didn't take it out the door with him to greener coaching pastures.

The terms of the deal have not yet been announced.