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Dayne Crist And Jake Heaps Could Give Charlie Weis 'Most Important Recruiting Moment' At Kansas

Charlie Weis needs to pull off something amazing here. After all, if he fails to lure in Dayne Crist, the former Notre Dame quarterback who has one season of eligibility left starting in 2012, and/or Jake Heaps, the BYU transfer who will be eligible at quarterback starting in 2013, then Weis will be left with Jordan Webb, the incumbent Kansas quarterback who will feel like the leftovers on the roster. And that might prove to be too much to overcome.

As Charlie Weis publicly flirts with possible transfers to come in and help rejuvenate the KU offense, it’s also clear that he needs to pull something in to show that the “relevance” talked about by athletic director Sheahon Zenger is, in fact, a real thing. That’s what Dave Miller of the National Football Post writes about in his latest column:

Miller writes, "We know that Weis’ tenure will ultimately be defined by whether he’s able to field competent defenses and bring in solid recruits who are able to develop under this coaching staff. The Jayhawks have been unable to field enough speed to remain competitive in the Big 12, and the team’s youth hasn’t developed quickly enough to make a big impact.

“But having strong play at the quarterback position is a big start to the rebuilding project. And although Crist only has one year of eligibility remaining, a talent like Heaps could await in 2013 to give the Jayhawks potential stability for two consecutive seasons. In many ways, this could be the most important recruiting moment for Weis at his new home.”