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Dayne Crist To Kansas: 'Business Decision' And Familiarity With Weis Led Notre Dame QB To Jayhawks

Newly committed Kansas quarterback Dayne Crist told that his decision to transfer to Kansas University was purely one of "business," and that the chance to play for his former coach Charlie Weis and a familiarity with the system set to be implemented at KU led him to Lawrence:

"It’s not something I’ve forgotten", said Crist on his recollection of the Weis’ offense. "I played in it for two years and have a real familiarity with it. I’m excited to see the rest of the guys on offense. We watched a little bit of film while I was there and I’ve already seen those guys play a little bit so it’s going to be exciting to put it all together."

The only other BCS option for Crist was filling the shoes of another one-and-done senior transfer - departing quarterback Russell Wilson at Wisconsin:

"It came down to Wisconsin, Delaware, and Kansas", said Crist. "At the end of the day, I just had the best feeling about Kansas and knew it was the best fit for me. Being able to play for Coach Weis again, and being familiar with the offense, and playing with the other guys at Kansas, is going to be very exciting and is something I just couldn’t pass up."

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