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Reunion With Charlie Weis At Kansas Is 'Good Home' For Dayne Crist

Dayne Crist is following his heart to Kansas, and with it Charlie Weis. The move is one welcomed by Kansas fans and even Notre Dame's Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick says the move is good for both parties.

"I’m thrilled for Dayne," Swarbrick told the New York Times Pete Thamel. "He’s one of the great young men to ever be with us and he found a good home."

"I think it’s a pretty good case for a rule people criticize working well," Swarbrick said. "He completed his degree and during his time here couldn’t have contributed more to the university and the community. Now through the graduate-exception rule he has another year of football at another great school."

KU fans are going to place a lot of hope in that first year -- maybe unfairly so. It takes more than just a quarterback and coaching change to turn around a last place team that failed to win a single game in the Big 12 this season. Yet it clearly signals a turning of the corner for KU. If they have hopes of leaving the conference basement, then importing a former five-star quarterback isn't a bad place to start.